Our Company

Over a decade ago, Falcon Living, LLC set out to provide people with a better alternative to real estate representation. Breaking the barriers of the typical salesperson mold, the company began with the vision that, through an educational and consultative approach, their clients would be equipped to make confident decisions.

Falcon Living, LLC offers customized real estate solutions to individuals.


We believe our company's longevity and good name result from our committed staff and Associates. Knowledge, customer service, and personal attention are some of the benefits you can count on from Falcon Living.

Real Estate practices vary across borders and the services of a local expert are essential.

  • Typically, there are two "sides" to any real estate transaction: buyer/seller or leasee/leasor.
  • Most often, each side will have its own real estate agent representation.
  • Available properties are shared between real estate agencies, which allows one real estate agent to show everything.
  • Verbal agreements are not binding in every state. Many will require a contract to be signed and delivered to both parties in order to be a binding agreement.
  • Real estate agents must hold an active license from their state of operations. To maintain a license, agents must attend continuing education classes and abide by all real estate laws.