Dear Charitable Organization Representative

Americans rely on nonprofits for food shelter, education, healthcare and other necessities, and everyone has a stake in strengthening this social infrastructure,” said Antony Bugg-Levine, CEO of Nonprofit Finance Fund. Unfortunately economic recovery is not necessarily helping recovering the needs of many non-profit organizations.

Nonprofit organizations need new ways of funding their expenses. It can be via fundraising, grants, endowments or gifts. In 2013, 56% nonprofit organizations were unable to meet demand. It was the largest reported amount in Nonprofit Finance Fund’s 2014 State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey.

Be Good Real Estate’s mission is to help the non-profit organizations help fund their expenses and help them maintain their mission of helping and serving the society. Be Good Real Estate will donate certain percentage of our commission to the charity of our client’s non-profit organization choice.

Be Good Real Estate is aware that almost every nonprofit organization would need additional source of income so we are looking to partner with any nonprofit organizations or faith-based nonprofit organizations. At Be Good Real Estate we are aware that nonprofit organizations need to find new ways to improve the cash flow to help the ones that need help.

Our real estate clients would get the absolute best service with the greatest real estate search technology and feel great about giving back to the society.