Mert Sahinoglu

(773) 791-8940

Falcon Living

1349 N. Sedgwick Dr., Chicago, IL 60610

Mert is a Chicagoland real estate broker with a decade of experience, and felt that there was a need for "Real" real estate agents. He envisioned a firm where the agents would be working as a team with the support of the managing team instead of as individuals competing against each other, thereby paying more attention to customers' needs. The result is Falcon Living Real Estate. Mert is a founding partner of the Falcon Living team. He has diverse experience and knowledge of many aspects of real estate -- from residential home construction to digital marketing. Mert has an MBA in Marketing and leads the strategic marketing programs for clients' projects.

Fast facts about Mert Sahinoglu: I try to live the motto of "Goodness Simplified" through this site.

Things to know about me:

  • I am an avid World History, Blues and Cultures enthusiast.
  • I am married to Natalie & we have a son named Jacob
  • While I am not a coder by profession, I am a technical marketer who is devoted to Open Source Initiatives.
  • I am a big believer of Web Accessibility and support causes such as Cerebral Palsy.
  • I am a Monmouth College (Business, Economics Major, Government Minor) and Illinois State University (MBA, International Business) Alumni
  • I have an MBA (international business) from llinois State University. I have a B.A. from Monmouth College in Business & Economics International Business. My secondary education is in Tarsus American College.